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Dedicated Server: RPT Error
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Version: 1.10.114486

This error appears within the Server RPT once a Headless Client is started, and connected to the Dedicated Server. This happens with or without any mods.

File VAS\menu.hpp, line 53: '/VAS_Diag/controlsBackground/VAS_ContainerBG.x': Missing ';' at the end of line


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Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce
  • Steam Client isn't started (At least not at this stage)
    1. Start the Dedicated Server (let it finish loading up)
    2. Start the HC (it'll start the steam client and require login)

Once the HC is loaded, look at the Server RPT and the entry appears - You'll notice the error:

File VAS\menu.hpp, line 53: '/VAS_Diag/controlsBackground/VAS_ContainerBG.x': Missing ';' at the end of line

If you don't run the HC that entry doesn't seem to appear.
Not sure if this will also occur to actual players connecting (haven't tried)

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Ignore this ticket as I've found out this is related to the Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

Potentially fixed in the latest version too (v2.3)

3rd Party Mod

This will be/has been resolved by the 3rd party mod that was the actual cause for the error message.