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AI like fighting against enemies too addictively to learn how to hit and run
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In some mission and some circumstance I need to hit and run, that means I won't need to kill every enemies but just to make some goal then retreat. But my AI teamates like fighting too much, once they see enemies they stay to fight rather to retreat quickly.
Even I use ~-2-1 + ~-3-6 + ~-3-2 + ~-1-1, they still won't like to keep up with me. At last I run away from my team hundreds of meters and the radio are full of XX is KIA.
AI should know how to hit and run -- retreat is one of the classic tactics.


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BIS could add a new Awareness level next to "Danger", "Aware", "safe" called "Retreat". When the "Retreat" mode is active, your squad mates will do everything in their power to keep up with the Squad leader (player) and will only engage enemies who are danger close.

Yeah, the AI don't seem to follow disengage commands.

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supercereal4: Please, note that the "Disengage" command has no other purpose than to cancel the "Engage" and "Engage at will" commands. It it not meant to be as a general retreat command or anything else apart from what I have written.

If you want the AI to run away fast, use move command. Select the AI and point somewhere far away. They will move there quite fast and reliably, since they wont do the bounding thing. They will engage the enemy from time to time (self defence) but they will move away from the battlefield. Just hope the enemy wont keep up with you