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D3D error - dxgi_error_device_removed
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I keep on getting this error whenever I try and load any scenario, I have updated my drivers and BIOS
windows 8.1, Intel i5-3210M @2.5 GHz, 6.00GB ram, Intel HD 4000 graphics


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Game Crash
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launch arma 3, click play, click scenarios, launch any scenario.

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We need dxdiag and files from this folder for solve your problem. C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
Can you upload somewhere in winrar package please?
When package will be smaller than 2,097k, so you can attach here. When package will be bigger, please use some free sharing service and post link here. Thank you.

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Having the same problem on certain(quite a few) missions on a similar computer build.
Linked are two crash logs/reports from a mission arma crashes on, dxdiag.txt, and the relevant mission pbo.

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Can you try to reinstall graphic drivers to beta in "clean" checked (don't uncheck programs after like physx...)? In geforce experience :). Saved me many times from arma 3 crashes :)
Also check files on steam, look on google if that don't fixed it.

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ok... my old post [still as "new"]
I had it and fixed.

Fixed - ArmA 3 don't work with gamerOSD. Close all addons [fps and others] from gamerOSD in another game.
Will work for you?

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