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Objects on beach have no interaction
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After washing up on the beach you are told to look through the ruins for supplies; several "useful" items are spotted but unable to be picked up, among them antibiotics, a can of food, and a couple of loaded magazines under the overturned boat. While the other objects I can imagine not being particularly useful, the magazines should definitely be able to be picked up.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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Load intro sequence of Adapt episode and look around the structures, many tiny objects can be spotted but not picked up.

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I don't know if the theme of this episode is going to be some open world survival simulator (would be freaking awesome if it were), but little things like being able to pick up the magazines would be really useful.

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Another note to be added to this is when taking a weapon from an armory table, the original weapon is placed on the table but unable to be taken back. It doesn't show up in either the inventory screen or the action menu

Hi and thanks for the suggestion.

We have no design plan to make such items interactive because I feel it would bring unbalanced sand box behavior. A player would be confused if he could interact with items in this particular scenario and not in others.

I hope you understand,
Nelson Duarte