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AI use line Formation evry time
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I set a group of west ki on map and add a wayponit. Then i change the wayponit-formation and press preview.
They walk allways in line formation.


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I attached a small mission as zip-file for editor missions folder.

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Just tried the attached mission file on the current devbranch, as long as the behavior is set to "Careless" or "Safe" they are using a "FILE" formation, not a line.
Interesting find, upvoted.

Looks a lot like intended behavior. "Issue" is still there on Exe Rev. 114484 21/01/2014. The problem with Formations is that they differ a lot depending on heading. Column and Line may essentially be the same thing depending on heading.

I'm assuming that the column formation they're using in safe mode is so the AI can move along the roadside in a safe manner without being run over by vehicles, or intended for similar behavior.

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I'm sure this is not intended in any way.

What I'm trying to do is have a unit on a path patrolling in the basic manner, walking upright with guns down in a Staggered Column formation. This is currently not possible because of this issue. The AI will walk upright with guns down only in a Column/File formation.

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Safe mode has caused groups to use a column formation since Arma (1).