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Add support for Lucid Virtu MVP 2.0's Hyperformance
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Hi, I've bought a new notebook that will also use for playing with arma when abroad.. I've noticed this got 2 GPU, one into the cpu and one nVidia... So I remember a software called Lucid Virtu.. Bought and installed... Tried with different games and it gave me a rock solid improvement.. I've tried also with ArmA 3, it works but with some graphic bugs and some text are missing... I've noticed that there's a huge FPS improvement...from 30 to 80 fps !


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I don't feel spending development time on this would be a good use of resources, it only helps people with that particular piece of technology. All 3 of them.

? Everyone with a modern cpu got this... You only need a cpu with integrated gpu ( intel hd series ) and a dedicated gpu.. It's not a so strange technology =)

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sorry, but I just don't think, this is a good idea.

everytime, I hear a company claiming to have developed the magic-algorithm, I have my doubts. They claim to increase Performance, temperature and powerusage on all devices from ATI/AMD to nvidia, who have both put huge amounts of research into opengl, directx, cuda and opencl, and are working on it patch after patch?

They claim 300% ! performance improvement, WOW!
When reviews actually put it down to around 10% (if they get it running)

So in other words, the 30 fps get raised to 33. You say you jumped from 30 to 80? Maybe you had other factors influencing the result.

so when I try to look a bit deeper into the company, I can't help, but dislike it.

  1. their ways of telling how magic is being done felt not convincing (subjective).
  2. the supposed 300% fps boost turned out to be far less in reality.
  3. damn those privacy policies! I've seen some really bad ones, but at least they show them.

Here you get a reference to the U.S.-EU SAFE HARBOR privacy policies.
which are by no means perfect, but when I look up the actual registrations or lucid are nowhere to be found, so they couldn't even register their company for Save Harbor?

  1. What's with those discounts? 70$ -> 26$ or 90$ -> 41$ and no discount deadline?
looks like some bs marketing strategy to me, where you just pretend your product is much more worth than the price today ... or tomorrow, or next week ... or whenever.

I still have some respect for BI and would not like to see them spend resources to optimize for third party driver software instead of optimizing the original game.

I think you are a little confused about what this is..
I heard about this because some times ago I was making benchmark of my new pc and on famous benchmark site this MVP is forbidden because it gain you a boost without overclocking your hardware..
You can also check on youtube, it's full of comparison and don't know where you find your 30 to 33 fps. Btw this software IS WORKING, it only need a little care of somethink, some glitch sometimes, don't know why. I'm not a noob to arma, I haven't touch viewdistance and so on, I put myself on Stratis via editor and started the game with and without this. Didn't touch anything..
Btw I know and you know that with this engine there's nothing to do even spending resources to optimize it.. It need to be rebuild from the ground. I just try everything to make this game more stable ( fps -> gameplay ).
You are free to do what you want =)