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Arma2 method for creating campaign fails to show the campaign overview image in Arma3. Although the bug that duplicates the mission list has been sorted, this has not. Perhaps, we could have some up-to-date documentation on campaign creation or maybe just a quick fix?


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wait, is this an ArmA 2 or ArmA 3 related problem?

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Arma 3 problem - no overview image in the campaign screen.

I'd like to see this one sorted - or at least some info from the Devs on how it can be done properly.

Please - can we sort this little niggling issue? :)

Looking at it again I think that it is certainly a bug.

I'd like to see this one resolved.

Love to get this gem fixed!

I have no idea why it works for BIS on their official campaign - perhaps all we need is an up-to-date wiki on how the campaign arrangement works?

I've noticed this is an issue. Not sure if I'm doing wrong or whatever?

I don't think so Kaz, as far as I'm aware a lot of people are struggling with this.

Still no news on this? It might not even need a fix? Just an explanation!

Hopefully someone from the community might be able to help. I've tried countless times to get this to work and no luck. Sure it must be a bug.

Seriously, why is this still not working?

Patience - I'm sure BIS will sort it soon! :)

Works fine for me?

Just make sure your image is either JPG or PAA.
The path is relative to the game folder.

So, if your campaign description.ext is located at
Arma 3\Campaigns\Campaign1\description.ext

And your image is located at
Arma 3\Campaigns\Campaign1\cmp_overview.jpg

Your campaign class needs
overviewPicture = "Campaigns\Campaign1\cmp_overview.jpg";

Ah, great stuff MulleDK19 - I'm sure that will sort it!

Appears to be working.