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Headgear blocking scope on Zafir
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Headger blocks view when looking through scopes mounted to the Zafir MG. Affected scopes are Hamr and Arco. (Disregard version number in screenshot as the bug is still present. It's also not the DEV build, but the camera-function shows this label when exited.) {F23044}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place Hamr or Arco on Zafir.
  2. Go prone.
  3. Wait.

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Strange, I thought helmets weren't even rendered in first person.

I know right?

Unable to repro in current stable version. (1.08.113494)

Could NVGs be causing it?

Interesting bug - also there is other a bug aswell that the head is looking down instead to the scope :/

This bug only seems to occur when prone. Going into your inventory while looking through the scope will also always block the view completely. Having NVGoggles equipped does not make a difference.
Aside from the inventory, the headger is shoved in and out of the screen by the spastic idle-animation.