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setvelocity on a static house object causes it to become "electrified"
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If a player invokes setvelocity on a static house object it becomes "electrified", killing that player if he touches the building.

Only happens to the player that invoked setvelocity.

Oddly enough the problem persists even after the player disconnects and reconnects. Only a server restart will remove the effect.

Server running persistent = 1


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Run this command while looking at static house object:

cursortarget setvelocity [0,0,1];

Walk to the wall of building and it will start to kill you, previous dev builds this was insta-death.

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Why do you need use setvelocity on building, may I ask? This command is not for usage on buildings.

vbawol added a subscriber: vbawol.May 7 2016, 5:43 PM

Just reporting what I have found and I realize that the intended use is not static objects, yet it could happen and when it does its use produces unexpected results. Engine wise I would say that it is a bug because the killing effect is very similar to that of a moving a thingx object.

Yes, it is bug and thank you for reporting. I wanted know, if you need this function for some usage on building, or you only reported it, what you found during scripting.