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VON/VOIP 3D broadcast attenuates too little over distance
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If a server has a working 3D comms ( the voice of other player attenuates (diminishes) too little over distance.

Currently the values are roughly:
Direct Communication can be heard to 80 meters with little attenuation.
Other channels: 50 meters with little attenuation.

These values should be smaller and they should attenuate more. Or present a "whisper" function for DC which can only be heard 5-10 meters and which attenuates a lot with distance.

Even better would be to have the server owners be able to adjust:

  1. The distance of 3D voice comm broadcasting
  2. Attenuation factor for the above

(3. Different values for own team/squad and to enemy team/other squads)

In a PvP environment if players know that their voice can be heard to 80 meters (or 50m) they will most likely not use it to not reveal their position to enemy players and instead use Teamspeak/Mumble which now seem to be the case.

Having a good working 3D comm system build-in to the game diminishes the use of 3rd party voice comm apps and reduces (hopefully) the forum request for ACRE etc implementation to the game itself.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Setup a dedicated server for Arma3 with

  1. Load up a mission with at least 2 players in it.
  2. Join the mission with at least 2 players
  3. Use Direct Channel and observe how the voice comms can be heard quite clearly up to 80 meters.
  1. Repeat the above with a channel that both players are not in e.g. vehicle channel (when players are not in the same vehicle or vehicle at all) and observe how the voice comms can be heard quite clearly up to 50 meters.

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