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The edges of shelters do not allow shots correctly
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When sheltered behind rocks, which have non-linear curves, shooting parties thence reach the edges of them, in the situation where the crosshair is over.


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Game Physics
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Mission tested: "Crossing Patches".
Location tested: after the automatic save is performed before arriving at camp with soldiers slaughtered, the team follows and is forced into combat on a hill. On site, there are rocks in the scenario in which I could prove the point.

Additional Information

I suggest anyone do the same test firing behind an object scenario nonlinear in order to determine the imprecision that is in its edges.

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Detail: edges of trees, vertical walls, vehicles also show the same problem

Suggestion: can you post a video of the bug and provide map coordinates?

I'll try to post a video that does not exceed the upload limit

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Just upload your video on Youtube and give us the link :)