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Fire damage is causing excessive firing of the HandleDamage event
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At certain distances to burning vehicles or fire, multiple HandleDamage events (for different hitparts) are fired repeatedly for 0.000001 increments in damage.

This can cause performance issues (game freezing and crash to desktop) for certain scripts that rely on the HandleDamage EH.


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Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Register the EH i.e. player addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { systemChat str _this; }];
  2. Approach burning vehicles or fire.
Additional Information

This is the root cause of 0016765. Certain revive scripts in that mission run costly functions when the HandleDamage EH is triggered.

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this should be fixed in 1.12 , can you confirm ?

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Testing on 1.12 finds the following:

  1. damage from heat sources start on the head at around 10-11m (this damage is approximately the same at 10-11m regardless of current uniform or vest)
  2. at 10m, damage to body, hands and legs begin only when vest is removed i.e. removing uniform does not appear to do anything. Also the distance to fire source for hand body and legs damage to start is slightly less (< 1m) or closer than the distance required for head
  3. with vest on, damage to body, hands and legs start at about 5m

Good work.

Its ok to close this. This issue has been resolved.