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Direct channel sound volume doesn't decrease with distance (missing attenuation).
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There is no gradual decrease of sound volume with distance of any channel transmitted in Direct (Direct, Vehicle, Group, Side). It's either 100% or 0%.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load up in a multiplayer with your buddy
  2. make him talk in Direct channel
  3. Get away from him gradually
  4. Note that the sound volume of him talking stays the same until ~40m mark, where it suddenly drops off to 0.

Should be:
Sound volume gradually decreases - the further you are, the lower the sound.

Additional Information

When two people are talking on Direct in ~40m radius of each other, they interfere with each other as if they're using one radio channel (Group, Side, Global). This issue prevents the proper inter-squad communications and ruins the immersion.

Not asking much here, just make it work like it was in A2 please.

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Should be a priority.If I can hear enemy in PVP matches across the street perfectly it's no teamwork allowed for them.

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thats one of those reasons why the community sticks to mods like ACRE and now new TFR
they provide a better immersion to everything + radio channels with working radios

but i still upvote this as the current state is really nothing good (and it should not be that hard to add a distance modification to the digital sound)