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Very Simple Feature - Hand Flare
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A simple feature, shouldn't be but simple scripting for BIS. Many forces including even law enforcement, have hand deployable flares. It would be useful if you could give us hand deployable flares in Red, and IR. {F22969}


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Don't forget Hand Smoke for parachuting! I know within TF1776, the server is modified to deploy a range of chemlights while parachuting or when running onto the player's vest. But during day time, chemlights are useless, and smoke or other item for increasing visibility is required.

I would imagine hand_flare, hand_smoke, would be treated like an ordinary flashlight or hand_flashlight, or grenade item.

However within ARMA 3 when selecting grenades, they're merrily thrown and not grasped like a weapon such as rifle or handgun!

It would also be really great to be able to place something more permanent on the ground, designating a remote landing zone for helicopters instead of always having to deploy a red smoke grenade every few seconds for daytime increased visibility. Thankfully, chemlights last awhile, or did so until the latest stable release?

On second thought, maybe the game is going green and is finding hand flares are a more dangerous form of lighting, and hazardous for breathing? As such, chemlights are now the preferred method of night lighting? ;-)

The idea of this is to have Hand "Deploy-able" flares. An item like chem-lights, however, much more noticeable from the air, or fast approaching down the main highway, or any road. Available with red or IR. Red for Law Enforcement (Police), and both IR and red for the factions. IR would be now visible without NVG's, and bright with NVG's for some sort of SF use. I could imagine AAF and Law Enforcement units use red Road Flares at checkpoints and what not for mission design.

The color of red for pyrotechnic flares, is a basic color of most flares.

Your hand flares (via Flare Wikpedia), are more specifically called Fusee flares (or highway flares, road flares, or ground flares) and are commonly used to indicate obstacles or road hazards, and commonly found within road hazard kits. The only specific mention of the color red used to disinguish usage within the this Wikipedia article, are when the red flares are used within the terrain of the ocean, mairtime usage of flares. (ie. First topic under Civilian Usage; "Maritime distress signal", with the next topic being the definition of Fusee flares, and Fusee flare being used by everybody.)

I think what you're referencing with police usage, is probably within ARMA 3 Life servers? I tend to agree, if there's a vehicle on the road and many people are driving their OpenGL car/vehicle down these very narrow ARMA 3 highways, people should drop flares forewarning of an approaching parked vehicle convoy or accident. ;-)

Basically, every truck or commercial vehicle would have a road hazard kit containing road flares. Civilian vehicles would be optional, but can be somewhat myself, I also have road flares within my own privately owned vehicle! I currently also reside within a far more rural area of Alaska than most of you folks, having adequate emergency response services. (Or a cop for every city block.)

Not a night goes by within ARMA 3, when somebody parks in the middle of the road/highway causing a accident. But they also have to be adequately intelligent to also get out & deploy flares, versus just running off naked!

As I previously mentioned within my last post, the likely rational for flares is for daytime use, as smoke only lasts for a few seconds. Road flares are designed to last far longer, and at the same time do emit quite a bit of colored smoke, aside from the bright light which is also seen in bright daylight. (ie. From Fuse WIkipedia, "... fusee, which burns for 10–60 minutes with a bright red light." Yes it would be nice to have a daytime signaling device lasting far longer than a smoke grenade!)

Doing a little more reading of Flare Gun Wikipedia, and finding flare guns have been used as weapons, with destructive or lethal power. As the boats or navy arena grows within ARMA 3, boats are also going to require flare guns.

I never played life in arma 3, i just thought these kinda of flares that last awhile say, 30 minutes on ground would be good to have in Arma 3.