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arma 3 camp maxwell mission 13
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black screen after the text two hours later


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every time i try to load this mission

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the game seems to work but with black screen.

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Upvoted. I have the same issue. It KILLS the campaign. It's not *just* a bug.

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It is possible to get in the game from the black screen if I hit space multiple times in the loading screen but it causes the AI to freeze when I get in the game.

I have this same problem. I can hear rain falling and sometimes it will fade away then come back. Like the guy above I began to rapidly tap the space bar, and I began to hear footsteps, and then they stopped, but still a black screen. Please fix this it make the campaign suck.

same as issue 0016602

maybe 0016658

Exact same issue as reported above. Please fix this.

same as 16722

a lot of people with this problem...
there is someone working on this?

yea right this was reported about a month ago. They cant even fix a campaign before releasing a new one, i want to throw this game out my window right about now. Such a disappointment from flashpoint!

Hey just an update. Today Adapt came out, and I cant even play it because WHEN THEY RELEASED THE NEW CAMPAIGN THEY WERE TO STUPID TO FIX THIS PROBLEM! NOW I CANT PLAY. At least they fixed multiplayer.

in mission 13 maxwell in game,Just hit left shift nunpad - type endgame. And that shall let you move on to the new campaign. Lose the last mission but w.e. hope that helps

Or i mean end mission sorry haha

Yeah, I'm having same problem, So I up voted, They Need to give people the option to play part 2 without needing part 1 completed.

Having the same problem peoples, tried turning down graphics and all above, verified game catch thingy, and nothing bitches....damn this sucks!!

Okay for those who missed this see my Post here