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M2A1 Slammer tank
AMV 7 Marshal APC
IFV-6c Panther
IFV-6a Cheetah AA
CRV-6e Bobcat
M4 Scorcher
M5 Sandstorm MLRS
UH-80 Ghost hawk
MH-9 Hummingbird
AH-9 Pawnee
AH-99 blackfoot
HMTT truck
A-164 Wipeout

    • Heavy transport helicopter? (V-22 Osprey)
  • Cargo transport? (V-44 Pelican QTR, AV-44 gunship variant? instead of c-130) *F22 Raptor? (or another 5th gen, F-35 is not designed for air supremacy dogfights)

T-100 varsuk tank
BTR-k Kamysh
2S9 Sochor
MSE-3 Marid APC
ZSU-39 Tigris AA
Mi-48 kajman
P0-30 Orca
Tempest truck
To-199 Neophron
*T-50? (5th generation aircraft, air supremacy)
*Heavy transport helicopter? (Mi-17 or tiltrotor)
*Cargo transport? (Chinese blue whale)
*MLRS? (Tos 1 Buratino)

MBT52 Kuma
FV-720 Mora
AFV-4 Gorgon APC
A143 Buzzard
WY55 Hellcat
CH49 Mohawk
Zamak truck
*Attack helicopter? (Eurocopter tiger)
*JAS-39 Grippen (A jet designed for dogfighting, not just a AA buzzard)
*AntiAaircraft IFV?
*Cargo transport? (C-130)

M2A1 Slammer tank - T-100 varsuk tank - MBT52 Kuma
AMV 7 Marshal APC - MSE-3 Marid APC - AFV-4 Gorgon APC
IFV-6c Panther - BTR-k Kamysh - FV-720 Mora
IFV-6a Cheetah AA - ZSU-39 Tigris AA - * AA IFV?
M4 Scorcher - 2S9 Sochor - *Artillery?
M5 Sandstorm MLRS - *TOS-1 Buratino - *MLRS?
Hunter - Ifrit - Strider
HMTT truck - Tempest truck - Zamak truck
UH-80 Ghost hawk/MH-9 Hummingbird/AH-9 Pawnee - P0-30 Orca - WY55 Hellcat
AH-99 blackfoot - Mi-48 kajman - *Eurocopter tiger?
*V-22 Osprey? - *Heavy transport helicopter? (Mi-17 or tiltrotor?) - CH49 Mohawk
*V-44 Pelican? - *Cargo transport? (Chinese blue whale) - *Cargo transport? (C-130)
A-164 Wipeout - To-199 Neophron - A143 Buzzard
*F22 Raptor? - *T-50? - *JAS-39 Grippen?

And I don't mean mods, I mean OFICIAL BI content. Mods shouldn't be a way to fill incomplete games, mods only generate new content, not content that the game needs, otherwise it would be an incomplete game. All the units listed above (or equivalents) are a must.

I know they are working in 2 CAS aircrafts, and trying to get fixed many bugs as posible, but they should start working in more vehicles, and not only depend in mods for something essential as vehicles are.

A good reference would be Arma 2, in there there were many different oficial aircrafts, and then modders added new ones, but not to fulfill the lack of vehicles as in Arma 3.

Besides, adding new vehicles shouldn't be too hard, after all BI is using the same vehicle ''bases and turrets'' and a new camo to make different vehicles.
For example, adding a new MLRS for CSAT and AAF would be pretty easy, they simply would use the turret of the M5 Sandstorm MLRS, the base of the respective IFV of that faction, and a new camo. That's what they have been doing.


Ok with the Addition of the A-164 Wipeout , the To-199 Neophron and the tempest truck the game is much better now, if they were to add new vehicles next, these would have to be heavy helicopters/cargo transports such as:

considering that the devs may have used this as a concept for the A-164 Wipeout:
I think those VTOLs could become helpful too.


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Extra features:
Stealth Kills.
Enemy AI not knowing when another has been killed.
AI not able to see people hiding in foliage.
AI not able to shoot with pin point accuracy.
Silencers not decreasing damage just sound.
Player able to stay hidden until seen by the enemy.
Player able to carry a primary weapon in the launcher slot.
Model of Pistol in the leg Holster when using primary weapon.
Ability to burn buildings.
Underground bunkers.
Portable campsite with VAS.
War scenario (Whole map engulfed in war).
Ability to roll.
Ability to Place A route line on map.
Ability to recruit AI friendlies when on I&A and Insurgency and Alive.
Ability to to carry all diving equipment in Backpack.
Ability to fire from Vehicles.

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Are you stupid or just trolling?

Welcome to ArmA 3!

Lack of features and big gamechangers incluided! :D

Feedback is not to suggest vehicles, BIS wanted this to be a more mainstream game, so everything is balanced, they will never make one side get the realistic stuff.

*sigh* How many times do I have to prove people claiming that everything is "balanced" wrong?

Let's compare all the vehicles, shall we?

Quadbike - Yeah, the same as it's always been.
MRAPs - Some are faster, some are smaller, some have commanders, some don't. I don't see the point of more differences.
APCs (wheeled) - The AAF one has missiles and a 30 mm cannon, the NATO one has a 40 mm and a 6.5 coax and the CSAT one has 2 less wheels (not like it makes a huge difference, though it's easier to disable it with small arms) and a 40 mm cannon with less ammo and without the APFSDS-T rounds.
IFVs (tracked) - The NATO one has very thin armour, while the CSAT one has better armour AND ATGMs. All other weapons are the same.
MBTs - They both have a 120 mm cannon, but the NATO one can carry 6 people in the back, while the CSAT one is smaller and more agile (or is it?).
Attack helicopters - The CSAT one is a flying tank, it has 8 ATGMs, 38 rockets and a 30 mm autocannon. In addition to that, it can carry 8 people in the back. The NATO one is very fragile, has only a 20 mm (pretty much useless the way it is now), 24 DAGRs (which are, AFAIK, supposed to be as powerful as the DARs on the AH-9s, but they can still take out APCs in one hit) and 4 ASRAAMs. It is faster and more agile, though.
Light transport/attack helis - Only NATO has them.
Medium transport helis - The PO-30 and the UH-80 belong in this category. The UH-80 is bigger and has just two miniguns, while the PO-30 has either no armament or 12 DAGRs and a 6.5 minigun.
Heavy transport helicopters - Only AAF has them (at the moment?).
Jets - Only AAF has them, at the moment.
Armed boats - The NATO and AAF have a 40 mm GMG and a 6.5 minigun, while the CSAT one has a 40 mm and a .50 cal HMG.
Uunarmed boats - The same for every faction, I don't see a point in them being different.
AA and arty vehicles - Okay, they're completely the same, just mounted on a different chassis. NATO does have an MLRS, though.

Now, the weapons:
Main service rifles - NATO and CSAT are pretty much the same, though since CSAT rifle uses a bulpup design, it has a higher muzzle velocity. AAF and FIA use a 5.56 NATO rifles, which are weaker than the NATO and CSAT ones.
DMRs - NATO uses a variant of the main service rifle, which has a uses 6.5, while CSAT uses a 7.62 rifle. AAF also uses a 7.62, but with bigger magazines, than the CSAT one.
Carbines - Both use variants of the main rifle.
LMGs - NATO uses a variant of the main rifle, while CSAT uses a 7.62 rifle, with bigger magazines, but a slightly slower rate of fire than the NATO one. AAF uses a 6.5 caliber LMG with bigger mags than the NATO one and around the same RoF.
Sniper rifles - NATO uses a .408 rifle with 7 round mags, while CSAT and AAF use a .50 cal Russian rifle with 5 round mags. All of them are, obviously, bolt-action.
Launchers - NATO uses a guided launcher that can lock-on onto ground vehicles, while CSAT and AAF use unguided RPGs.
Pistols - NATO and CSAT pistols are completely the same, but how different were they in Arma 2? AAF uses a 1911 variant.
Heavy pistols - NATO uses an 11 round .45 ACP semi-auto pistol, while CSAT has a .45 ACP 6 round revolver.
Heavy AA and AT launcher - OK, you got me.

This is everything I can remember at the moment, tell me if I forgot anything.

@AD2001 good points thanks for your post :) , but I'm ok with that differences, these give each faction a bit of personality. What happens is that there is a lack of vehicle roles in each faction, and that is what is unbalancing things.

for example:
Attack helicopters: NATO has the AH-99 Blackfoot, and CSAT have Mi-48 Kajman , sure they might be different form each other, but they have a vehicle that fulfills that role. my question is, where is the AFF Attack helicopter? I suppose devs are going to add it in a future patch, but in case they did not consider it, here is the request to let them remember. (Maybe eurocopter tiger?)

About the Light transport/attack helis and Medium transport helis, I think it is balanced as it is right now, although NATO ones are more specialized for each role:

NATO has AH-9 Pawnee, which cannot transport troops, but can give light/medium air support. Then the MH-9 hummingbird has no weapons, but can transport some troops. Then NATO also have the UH-80 ghost which has 2 miniguns at the sides, and it is able to transport more troops than the MH-9 hummingbird.

CSAT PO-30 and AFF WY-55 Hellcat are a mixture of the AH-9 Pawnee attack capabilities and the MH-9 hummingbird/UH-80 Ghost transport capabilities. Despite that, I would like to se a MH-9 hummingbird kind of aircraft for CSAT and AFF, so at least this way they would have more than 1 transport and recon helis.

''MBTs - They both have a 120 mm cannon, but the NATO one can carry 6 people in the back, while the CSAT one is smaller and more agile (or is it?).''

Not sure about that, I don't remember either the AFF tank characteristics, the MBT52 Kuma. also there is a new version of the NATO tank.

''Heavy transport helicopters - Only AAF has them (at the moment?).''

I hope is only at the moment as you say, I would like to see the return of the MV-22 osprey as a NATO heavy transport helicopter, not sure about what the CSAt could have. Any ideas?

''Jets - Only AAF has them, at the moment.''
Check the last Arma 3 update, 2 CAS aircrafts have been added:
A-164 Wipeout (futuristic A-10 )
To-199 Neophron (Reminds me of the su25 frogfoot)
I think they should add 3 more that were specialized in dogfighting though. (CAS/AA)

AA and arty vehicles - Okay, they're completely the same, just mounted on a different chassis. NATO does have an MLRS, though.

Well that's unbalanced too:
OTAN: M4 Scorcher
CSAT: 2S9 Sochor

OTAN: M5 Sandstorm MLRS

AA vehicles:
OTAN: IFV-6a Cheetah AA
CSAT: ZSU-39 Tigris AA

the other thing I missed a lot in this game are the cargo transports such as the C-130, there aren't any cargo transport to deliver supplies yet. That's why I suggested the V-44 Pelican for OTAN, I have no idea which ones could CSAT and AAF have though.

Weapons seem to be alright.

Oh, yeah, some of that info is outdated because it's from an older ticket.

IMO AAF shouldn't have any attack helicopters or specialized dogfighting aircraft because they're just a small island country and they already have MBTs. I agree that they should get some artillery and an AA vehicle, though.

CSAT should probably get an MLRS, too.

i think BIS should have added them as the greek forces instead.

The only problem i have with this list is Duped vehicles, and, wrong place of origin for factions. Example, the C-130 is in there twice AND I doubt CSAT would use them. CSAT should get either Russian, or Chinese made Equipment. Spot on with the Eurocopter Tiger, however, AAF would be better fitted with a JAS-39 Grippen.

@DarkSideSixOfficial Nice feedback.

I decided to give CSAT the Chinese blue whale instead of the C-130.
changed the AFF Eurofighter typhoon for the JAS-39 Grippen.
Any ideas/suggestions regarding the CSAT Heavy transport helicopter? Nato could have the V22-osprey, and AFF already has the Mohawk.

I never understood why the AAF have their hands on british equipment, even if its old, as the UK were having covert ops against them.

Mi-8 for the CSAT? Really? Isn't that thing like 40 years old already?

Also, why does everyone think the AAF have to have air superiority fighters and attack helicopters? Their whole country isn't even 300 km2!

@AD2001 the Mi-8 is a placeholder, as I asked before:

''Any ideas/suggestions regarding the CSAT Heavy transport helicopter? Nato could have the V22-osprey, and AFF already has the Mohawk.''

Mi-17? Kamov ka-60 is designed to replace the mi-8, but what about the Mi-17?

About the AAF having superiority fighters and attack helicopters, although being a small country they have a very complete army, but they don't have any AA vehicle neither a air superiority aircraft, so that's why Air superiority fighters would come to be useful here. Same for attack helicopters as they could be armed with AA missiles, or at least being able to face other attack helicopters and ground units.

Maybe a modified version of the Mil-Mi 35 could be an option since many countries have these, and by 2035 it should have some upgrades.And AAF seems to have NATO/CSAT mixed stuff too.
Maybe the superhind, as they already use It in toh:

The other reason for this would be multiplayer, I remember playing warfare gamemode, and I would like to see this in Arma 3, AAF has huge disadvantages as it is right now, so that would lead to unbalanced situations if AAF players had to face NATO and CSAT factions, and I would like to see AFF vs NATO vs CSAT matches, and every faction having a vehicle with the same role, despite the ''unbalanced'' differences in armament and design that they might have.

Iceman added a comment.Apr 4 2014, 2:45 PM

Thank you guys for valid disscusion, please feel free to go on, your ideas are highly valued!

I thought about something, what if the AH99 blackfoot had different profiles? with that I mean a profile made as a stealth/scout helicopter (the one ingame) and another made as an attack helicopter with more firepower (So it can face Mi48 kajmans easily).