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AI keeps getting in line of fire!
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Friendly AI or the units in my group keep running or even standing still in my line of fire.
I'm surprised that as of now there's still no fix to this.
For example: I'm in the mission "Situation Normal" of the campaign and when we're in the woods. I take cover behind a tree and right when I start firing, 3 of my teammates run through my line of fire. I hit one of them and almost killed another.
There's no use, wether I'm behind them of 100m from them, they could still pass running through, or even standing still in the middle and shooting at the enemy themselves! (yes, I saw that happen a few times)

My point is I'm not a newbie to ArmA or to military tactics, the AI is genuinely bad programmed! There could be a simple script that Bohemia could implement, for example something that deliminates your line of fire and prevents the AI from getting in the way...


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Hard to pinpoint a method, but you could try placing yourself in a group, in a forest, and an enemy group not far ahead (say, between 100m and 300m). Try taking cover behind trees and stuff, see if any unit runs through your line of fire.

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This has been a problem ArmA had since Armed Assault; it's time for some closure on this matter.

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I played very much mission and never had a problem like this

I played very much mission and always had a problem like this