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Unable to get in the last 'Maxwell' mission
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an other new bug that has been recently implanted in the first episode (don't know why, I think it was better without this bug, but whatever...):
When I start the last (i guess) Maxwell 'briefing-mission', I cannot get further the guy talking about the last night's bombing and all the dead. Apparently, there's a bug with the date appearing, it has difficulties to show up completely. I can see 2035, then sometimes 07, but not more... And if I press enter to pass, I get stuck just there... Then, I reload the mission, but it's the same everytime. The guy speaking cannot end his speech also. {F22949} {F22950} {F22951} {F22952}


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Could someone confirm please? I have closed the game and started again, but I comes again.
EDIT: I finally managed to move, but still stucked, the cannot reach the next mission. I took some print screen...
I must say it begin to be a little bit too much.....
EDIT2: I've tried without mods also, deleting the whole saves... Began all once again, but still same problem :(

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im having this problem as well either screen is all black or the top and bottom are blacked out and none of the tasks will enable

Resolved with latest stable update