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Windows and realism
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Yeah, like the title says. Windows that cant be shot out. This leads to houses being deathtraps, instead of positions of fire. Cant shoot out, but bullets come flying in. ( Range and distortion of material ) bullets coming in only have 2 feet after they hit the material, but bullets going out have anywhere from 2 to 2000.

Fair ? Realistic ? The windows make shattering noises but dont shatter.

Seriously, >2013 >realism

This causes issues in multiplayer


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Unable to reproduce. I can destroy windows without any issues.

i think he meant bullets coming from inside wont destroy windows or damage anything beyond it

Windows make a shattering noise but still cause bullets to change their flightpaths. Ie. windows are indestructible ( small windows not store windows )

i did a test in the beta a long time ago, but some very small windows can be used to send grenades and bullets even if they are there, they make no difference in objects.

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one word - bipods))) NEED

several tickets are there for bipods and resting support.

This game is still a beta in my mind.. so much shit missing, like the engine wasnt finished and features are still in progress

features are yet to be added, yes, this game feels beta, but this engine is over 10 years old

Walls that fall down, as square blocks, enter the earth as a whole, feels like 2001 again
Clipping through walls and fences with vaulting

> They actually added clipping as a game feature to prevent people from getting stuck

Rocks and cliffs in the world cant be walked on properly, ie. they are props
Trees that either disappear or fall down without leaving a stump

  > The rest of the tree clips through everything

I could keep going all day

Do what i do and blame BIS, but i blame the engine

Unable to repro, as it was said before. I can shoot out and destroy windows from inside and without problem shoot enemies.

Also, when filing another ticket please try to give as much information as possible and make it less of a rant. If you want to rant, head over to the forums.