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Standing near burning wrecks or staring at it causes severe FPS drop
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Standing near burning wrecks or staring at it causes severe FPS drop every time for me. I am using Nvidia's Geforce optimized settings for Arma 3.


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Destroy a vehicle. Once it start burning you will have your FPS below playable rate.

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I have experienced this one many times and so have my ArmA community this need to be fixed ASAP, I don;t understand how an issue this big even got into the main build of the game.

When the vehicle is on fire everyone in server who is close to vehicle gets 0-2 FPS if you are very close you will need to restart ArmA but if you are near the edge you can manage to move out of the 'Blackhole' and recover your FPS.

Once the fire goes away most of the time you can walk near the vehicles again but it isn't a certainty.

This and the Hellcat rotors breaking when someone walks under them are breaking the game for my ArmA community right now.

I have experienced this bugged and I was glad to find it already documented. The performance issue has a very negative effect on the way you play the game. It changes the dynamics of play drastically as you have to factor in a threat to your system along side the virtual threats from the enemy. Breaks immersion severely and blocks entirely scenarios like dragging friendlies from danger etc.

Our community has also experienced this very often. It happens next to a camp fire or burning wreck.

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There were other tickets describing the same issue. It's stated there that this only occurs in missions with (some) revive scrpts.

The times I have experienced the bug I was on servers running the =btc= revive script, I believe. I could be wrong there, just off the top of my head.

Does that ring a bell Goomer?

I haven't took the time to try reproduce in vanilla, but seen reports on the Tactical Battlefield forums that this also happens in vanilla and not just in the Tactical Battlefield mod.

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@zero_sum: Yes, that does ring a bell. I've experienced this bug with the invade and annex missions, but was unable to repro in an empty mission.


Yes, the Ahoy World Invade and Annex servers I know I have experienced it on. They use that revive script (stated on their site to confirm).

Also the Hostile Takeover servers running the King of the Hill mission. I definitely had it on the EU server of theirs a few times and I think the revive script is the same one, judging from observation.

So it may well be the revive script.

In any case since the update to 1.10 for stable branch I have had less instances and of less severity (FPS drop but not to >1 FPS). It may have been a change in the script or in Arma 3 itself. Unsure but happier.

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