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AAF Buzzard jet (AA Version) has wrong camo pattern
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The Buzzard CAS jet has a dirt - colored digital camouflage. This is to be expected, as it is for CAS and is generally seen from above or next to a mountain. This is not so for the AA version of this jet. The AA jet is for fighting aircraft, so if it has a dark camouflage pattern like the CAS version it will be easily picked out of the sky by enemy aircraft even without radar. I think you should have the grey/light grey/white digi camo pattern for the AA Buzzard. What I am thinking is something like the AAF UAV (K-40 Ababil INDFOR pattern) or AAF speedboat. {F22931}


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Yes, it is. They're working on it.

And the jet in the picture has a hexagonal camo, which means it was planned to be used by CSAT before the release.

Yes, but that is the only picture with a sensible camouflage scheme.

Yes, it is, but you can't say it's missing feature if it's wrong camo.

@AD2001 a air to air jet not having the right camo type is a missing feature.

What feature is missing?

Visual camo for Buzard (AA). id say its right

Okay, it is a missing feature, but it wasn't promised, so you shouldn't have exepected it.

It's based on our own design. This texture maybe will be delivered with the others, but at the moment it's feature, not a bug.

@AD2001 but it wasnt expected having CAS camo on AA fithers. "Oh you wanted a woodland guilly suit? well, we only have these desert ones, but hey, guilly suit is guilly suit, should work too, right?"

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At the very least it would add some nice variety.

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Variety is many other things. Upvoted anyways.

Why not having 2 camotypes?
I mean, the blackhawk also has 2 camotypes so the jets could have this as well since AAF is very green oriented.

Watch this video. It looks so much better with that camo scheme.

@Astaroth i think issue was been resolved.

Please close this ticket ^_^

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