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M2A1 - wrong cannon caliber
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The M2A1 cannon has similar caliber as T100 and M52, yet when looking from outside it is easy to see that it is smaller. So either the cannon should be visually changed or it should have proper 105mm - which would be more logical, as M2A1 has less space for ammunition than T100 and M52(passengers compartment), yet it holds the same amount of it. I suppose slight changes in it's characteristics would be also vital. {F22906}


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What's the Merkava real tank round in real life?

The Merkava Mk.4 has a 120mm main gun.

R3vo added a comment.Dec 11 2013, 9:35 PM

Anyone noticed that the t100 is way smaller? Seems strange.

It's a 120mm cannon. The T-100 based on its real life version should have a higher caliber. It would not be realistic to change the caliber if the Merkava down.

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The 105mm guns are already outdated for front-line MBTs, it wouldn't make sense in 2035. Besides, the Merkava already uses the 120mm.

As for the 125mm, it is less effective than the usual Rheinmetall 120mm due to the two-piece ammunition it uses, which limits the length-to-diameter ratio of the penetrator rods. Perhaps Iran went 120mm instead of developing a new gun?

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So that means that 3d model of the cannon is wrong...

@Bkyu google the Merkava Mk4 tank. It is an Israeli urban combat vehicle. Before you claim anything, you need to understand the developers require credible evidence to support claims like that.

Byku added a comment.Dec 13 2013, 12:13 AM

JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE! ;P It has a smaller caliber cannon... so either T-100 and IND tank should have 135mm cannon, or Merkava should have 105mm... closing the ticken anyway, it is wrong and indeed Merkava should have 120mm cannon, then T-100 should have 135mm... yeap, sry guys :P