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Third Person Sound Bug in Helicopters
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This has nothing to do with the sound volume of helicopters. Speech is louder in third person then in first.

Speech is far too quiet in first person mode inside helicopters and too loud when in third person. Proper bug. If this exists in another ticket let me know and I'll close it!

To replicate, place the player's unit in the cargo of a helicopter in the editor and play a custom sound, or use KBtell, or use say3D etc.

You'll notice that the sound is barely audible, yet perfectly clear in third person.

Obliviously - this is wrong, as a person speaking inside a helicopter would be louder inside than outside.


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Why would anyone down vote this? If it's a duplicate ticket, please let me know and I'll close it!

Why would anyone downvote this indeed?! I've tried out the above and the sound is bugged. I suggest others actually take a moment to test these issues. The say3D, say, playsound, KBTell, none of these are at the right volume when the player is in cargo. Playmusic is the only workaround I know of.

I'm curious about the down votes - am I missing something? Please let me know if there is a way to resolve it via a script!

This is not a problem with the noise of helicopters, more a problem with the fact that the speech audio is louder in third person (outside the helicopter!) than it is inside!

Yeah - it's sort of strange: inside quiet / outside loud.

Too true - I've been trying to use it in conjunction with the playSound command to even it out - but then you're left with an echo-like effect.

I think people are down voting because the think the ticket is about making helicopters quieter for gameplay reasons which would also make them less realistic. They do not realize you are taking about a 3rd person sound bug.

Ah, ok - I'll try and edit the title to make it clearer - thanks!

Man. People should really read things properly before down voting

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It's the exact opposite of what should be happening. It's not a problem with 3rd person, but rather that RV4 seemingly cannot distinguish the source of a sound, only apply a filter based on player viewpoint.

I made a little test mission where 4 civs drive a car along some waypoints, civ1 is player, civ2 driver, rest cargo with civ3 blasting music with say3d. Inside the vehicle the music is muffled while it ought to be loud. Outside the music is really loud, while it ought to be muffled.

In helicopters - speech is louder outside than inside. Whatever the reason - why would anyone downvote!?

I'm really confused regarding the downvotes on this ticket - I'd really like to hear why people disagree - and I mean that very respectfully. Just wondering if perhaps I haven't explained the problem very well? Thanks!

People aren't reading it properly - sorry.

Huzzah! Fixed!