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Option for enabling mines/explosives markers independent from general map markers
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If the difficulty setting "Extended map info" is set to "enabled" then players can see markers of any soldier, vehicle and mine on the map.

Some servers (or maybe most servers) set the "Extended map info" to "disabled".

But I think most of them would want to keep only the markers that show detected mines and explosives.

Suggestion: allow minetag difficulty setting to be enabled in veteran and second, make this setting also enable the mine/satchel markers on map (not only the red triangle in HUD)


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I tried to bypass the problem of this case by writing a script that creates markers for mines.

But then I ran into another problem. How to create markers only for mines that are revealed to the side of the player. player knowsAbout mymine always returns 0. I don't know if I missed any command that I could use to get this info.

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