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MG soldier ignores his added primaryWeaponMagazine magazines
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If adding magazines using primaryWeaponMagazine for AI with certain MG weapon, he ignores the added magazines saying no ammo (even the ammo is in his inventory). Failed to check the weapon name, but added magazines were "300rd green". Also getting "bad vehicle"-error time to time while using my clone unit script. Cant figure out why it does that. "bad vehicle"-error dosent provide any info anywhere.


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Both issue can be seen using the script (Clone.sqf):

Repro - be team leader with AI-team mates, repeating radio channel trigger with on act:
{_x execVm "Clone.sqf";} foreach units group player - [player];

You should be able to repeat the cloning without cloned team-mates running out of magazines. Works for most, but not at least for the MG units.

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Can confirm the 'Warning Message: Bad vehicle type' error popping up. What is the exact classname of the magazine and the soldier who carries it that's causing the other problem? Having some issues trying to reproduce the "out of ammo" report. Also, can confirm that face/setFace commands are still broken (#0015786).