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Please note this ticket is not done yet and will be refined soon.

The idea of this scripting command is to work similar to the attachTo scripting command but with one key difference. It gets the movement (speed, direction, altitude, etc...) and then applied that to the vehicle or AI as long as they are touching the object or vehicle they are attached to. If they walk off of the object/vehicle, they are no longer attached to it anymore but will inherit the objects movement (If a ship is traveling forward and I jump off the side, I will also move slightly toward the direction the ship is moving).

No matter how fast the vehicle/object goes or what the angle of the vehicle/object is, the unit will walk/drive normally as if they are walking/driving on the ground.


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Usage of this scripting command:

  1. Object names and unit class-names can be used.
  2. Example: "B_G_Soldier_F attachToMovement [I_Heli_Transport_02_F];"

Movement is taken from the vehicle/object the unit is attached to and then applied to the unit. (The unit inherits the movement from the vehicle/object it is attached to.)

Movement is made up of:

  1. setVectorDirAndUp [[x, y, z],[x, y, z]]; and getVectorDirAndUp [[x, y, z],[x, y, z]];
  2. getVelocity [x, z, y]; and Velocity [x, z, y];
  3. detach object/classname (For if the unit leaves the vehicle or walks/drives off of it.)
  4. Any other movement related commands needed.

With the isTouchingObject scripting command related to this ticket, you could dynamically use attachToMovement when moving on and off an a vehicle or object.

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ProGamer set Legacy ID to 1371997184.May 7 2016, 5:33 PM - Here is the forum link. I would really really like to see this in game, theres not much I would want more.

I think BI should add more of the little things whitch are huge game changers like this or bipods...etc...