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AI action commanding
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I'd like to see an improvment in commanding actions for AI. I've been in a large firefight, where all of my troops used up all their ammunition. I called in a supply box and tried to resupply my units through "Rearm" in action commanding menu. After an half of hour hopelessly trying to get some magazines into my units' inventories, I've lost my patience and rage-quited.

The list is too confusing. On first places there are tons and tons of actions that shouldn't (in my opinion) have that big priority. After a firefight, there is an incredibly large number of "Take xyz weapon", so it's pretty hard to find what you are actually looking for. Alongside with that, you never know what action goes for what thing. When you have 50 "Take xyz weapon" orders, how do you know where the soldier will be looking for that specific gun? There could be for example a line leading to chosen object.

Manually rearming soldiers is also painful. All of my soldiers were standing next to a supply box, and option to "Rearm at supply box" wasn't available. They all wanted to rearm at some random dude lying dead like 1 click away. When I tried to rearm them through "Inventory" command, they ran to some distant truck, even though the item they were nearest to was that supply box. Same goes with opening bags. There should be a way to tell them WHERE to rearm and WHAT inventory to open, not just one option.

The last thing, healing and repairing could be better too. Even though my whole team is injured, there is just one order to heal, and it goes for specific soldier, there's no way to order the medic who to heal through action commanding (it can be done by aiming at the person you want to heal, though).


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Survive a long firefight with your team and try to manually rearm them.

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There is a mod which adds a lot of the functionality you are talking about.

It would be good if it was built into the game though.