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We need an F-22 or better
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I realize that you will be adding f-35f's to the game later in this year. I think that this is a bad choice for a fighter aircraft. F-22 Raptors are much more effective in combat. Yes, f-35's are VTOL aircraft, which makes them useful in rough landing zones, and yes, they may be good for CAS, but they will be quickly made obsolete and get taken out by more advanced aircraft (F-22's, PAK-FA's, SU-35's, 6th generation fighters). F-35's have a radar signature of ~0.01m, while F-22's have a signature of ~0.001m. I suggest having both or all the more advanced aircraft (F-22, PAK-FA, SU-35).


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I also would like to see F-22 instead of F-35, due to larger payload and higher possibilities (maneuverability, larger set of weapons)

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They won't add F-35s.

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 5:32 PM

Have a look in the "used by" section for the Mk82. If there isn't an F-35 on the way why would there be fully functional weapons designed for an F-35?

Because the devs said there won't be one. The one shown in the screenshots was just imported from Arma 2 to show of the new clouds 'n' stuff.

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and wh not to add both? f35 and f22

Because it takes time to do it. It's not just a decision they make and it's done in three seconds.