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ai driving skills unbalanced, mostly opfor driver
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To control its own ai team is a hard challenge if you are using vehicles.
I will address the critical points.

1-The first point, and that meant all fractions, is pathfinding in normal awareness. The ai should use only roads in this mode, but drive a little slower.
First when you set the ai in combat, the driver should more risky and go offroad. At the moment, the only practicable way is, to set your drivers to "relax".
But, this should be the mode where your drivers going very fast on the roads.

2-Second point, the ai drives too fast befor enter into a curve or corner.
Trucks roll over, tanks drives into walls and other obstacles and many other crap like that.

3-Third point, direct control your driver inside your vehicle is very unbalanced. Bluefor vehicles act very smooth on your commands. But opfor vehicles act like drunken russians. They react too strongly.

4-It lacks a simple "land" command for pilots, and a simple "stop" command if the driver is not in formation.

5-It lacks a command queue for squad commands. Like the comand menu for drones.


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1- Try to command your vehicles in different awareness modes. you will observe that in all, except "relax", the ki moves against the next best obstacle...

2- The same as before...

3- Just compare bluefor with opfor vehicles in direct control via wasd...

4+5- We need it, give it to us! :D

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3)Could you get examples of the vehicles in the game and some footage or statistics of their real-life counterparts?

@AD2001, he is referring to an AI related issue.

I guess he has misunderstood "direct control via wasd". I mean of course the control via an AI driver.

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I can confirm most of the above.

Tanks are driving way too fast in corners and missing the turns.
They then try and back up when the folowing tank slams into the back or takes avoiding action and gets hung up on a fence.

The can't drive grouped.

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Confirmed. Place a tank and give him waypoints all over the city with "FULL" speed. He crashes at nearly all curves and corners.