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Bullets pass through billboard
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Cannot reply because it was closed before I can reply.
I've tried again and make a video of this:

Bullets pass through billboard


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Bullets should pass through billboards. It's a piece of plastic.

Why should the bullets not be passing through the billboard? Is it armoured or something?

Have a look at this ( and you can see how, and why, projectiles shoot through a number of objects

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Why this ticket is "bullets pass through billboard" when you should report that bullets don't pass through the billboard from the back?

If you read the related ticket you can read that bullets pass through the front but not through the back ....

Unable to reproduce. Try to break some windows while shooting into back of the billboard, you can do it. Effect of impacting bullets is more visible on the back, because it has different color. But it doesn't change anything on passing of bullets through the billboard.

As I said and closed there -
There's nothing broken ;)
Just watch -

You might want to actually describe the ticket like St. Jimmy suggested then. Each ticket should be self-contained and not rely on relationships with other tickets

Can't try but now with redstone's video is all clear: bullets seems to impact and make sound of impact on the back of billboard but they pass through, in the front there's no sound and no sign of impact and this confused me.

Here seems ( referred to other reporter that write here ) to be so much teachers...

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