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Setmass,SetCenterOfMass make them work all the time
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I would have thought theses commands would be fun to play with but they only seem to effect vehicles on land or in the sea.

They don't seem to be working on falling vehicles, if you weight the engine it should drop engine first but we get that horrible flat fall and it lands on all four wheels.

Adding mass to a chopper in flight did seem to have some effect of making the controls sluggish but no effect on lift.

It just seems odd you add weight on the ground and the truck will stand on it's nose but in the air nothing.


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Better than changing setmass and setcenterofmas would be including the VBS command


Description: Applies force to object. Force vector is in global coordinates and magnitude of force corresponds to Newtons. Position to which force is applied is in model coordinates. If force is applied to a point that is not equal to objects centre of gravity, torque will be invoked as well. During movement force should be applied constantly, close to once per frame. Only applicable on physix objects.

car addForce [[0,100,0],[0,0,0]]

Could you please make a ticket for VBs2's add force command then?