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One Katiba magazine blows up strider
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It only takes one Katiba magazine to blow up a strider (probably hunter & ifrit too?). is this intentional?


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Place a strider on the map. Empty a full magazine into it. Watch it explode like in the hollywood movies.

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Can anyone else confirm this? They are supposed to be armoured vehicles, why take damage like they have no armor?

i can confirm this. its the same for the MX are hitting the engine block. the hunter and ifrit also have this problem. shoot just below the back door on the hunter and it will explode. shoot the center of the rear axle of the ifrit, you get the same result. there was a ticket about this not too long ago, cant seem to find it

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Confirmed with 1.07.112641.

Firing above the rear driver side tire will critically damage the gas tank, making the strider explode. About 15 shots are enough.

Here's a video that was posted a while back with most critical damage spots for vehicles.

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+1. It's "Katiba" by the way.

Ahh yes sorry.

Totally kind of ruins the mission I'm making, knowing that one magazine from an assault rifle will make the vehicle explode.

It's a MRAP. It would not make sense to have easy access to the fuel tanks in the first place. It's supposed to keep the occupants safe when running over mines or during an ambush.

You wouldn't know that by the way vehicles explode here lol.

You van read about MRAPs here: While it is Wikipedia, I think it does a good job of explaining exactly what a MRAP is.

yeah already did that a few minutes ago! Before this topic, I had no need to go do any research as I really don't care for the miliatry jargan or technical aspects of the weapons and or vehicles in this game. I just like to code and blow things up in game (pun not intended).