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Need an Ac/C-130 or similar
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We need of an aircraft (redfor and blufor) like C-130 to use for the HALO jump and massive jump of para troops.

Also, it would be nice to have a similar AC-130 aircraft to provide heavy support on the ground.


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How is that this ticket is getting upvoted?........ alright, your name is "SnIpEr.IT" so let me make some things clear:

1- the HALO jumps are not made using an AC-130, as this is an gunship, HALO jumps are used with the C-130, wich is the cargo variant. Yes, there is a BIG difference.

2- Cargo planes will be incoming to the game, same with the rest of the planes, there is no need to make tickets about that

3- an AC-130, a REALISTIC AC-130 would just take some time, as there must be 1/3 gunners that act just like the gunner of any other vehicle, meanwhile, the pilot still has to turn left and be sure there is no AA menace.

Killzone: a douche vote would be downvoting a ticket for a stupid reason, not just downvoting a ticket itself.

It is downvoted for stupid reasons as you just demonstrated, and now there are 2 douche votes.

What are these stupid reasons?

And i am that second "douche" vote.

I think I might also be a douche...

Killzone, i dont see your point, why is someone a douche just because this someone disagrees with your opinion?

Because how exactly voting against additional game asset is clever or reasonable?

because if so, we should add Nukes, B-57, the International Space Station, a drill, and sex toys.

The reason why we downvote the AC-130 is because it would not be useful against a conventional army. So its completelly useless for the Pentagon to deploy an AC-130 close to Altis/Stratis

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Completely agree with Dr. Death. An AC-130 deployed against any of the A3 factions (withholding the extremely resource limited FIA) would be instantly destroyed. Gunships get shot down unless the enemy has no AAA, SAM's, or CAP aircraft. Even then gunships are highly vulnerable.

On another note, please allow BIS developers to concentrate on actual BUGS (hence the BUG tracker) and don't make feature requests because you think the game revolves around your fantasy. If that's the case, learn to 3D model, texture, and write cfg's.


Actually, this is the FEEDBACK tracker, not the BUG tracker. There's also a feature request category. However, I doubt people are supposed to request vehicles and weapons here.