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Add easier method to make a Squad.Xml (Emblems)
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This is something that it SHOULD be in the game it's such a cool feature but it can be difficult to make and some don't even know this exists , I would like to see an easir method to make a squad.xml without being needed to download so many files and softwares for something that could be simpler . Maybe you (B.I) could add something like battlefield 4 did , or even Call of duty ( Not here do discuss wich game is better , Arma obvisouly :P) where you can make your Badges , emblems, or whatever you call it.

I'm pretty sure that those DayZ players would love this when playing with groups . I realy hope you guys could add something to make this easier , it may be easir for some but it can be a pain in the ass for others like me . :D {F22811}


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+1 Yes, it is a massive pain in the neck to do it.

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It's so hard to make this :S

Good for you.

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