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i cant shoot trough clas even if the gass is already gone,
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Hey,i was shooting trough class,and i shootet and shootet and even thre a nade,and te window broke,but and i kept shooting,but he didnt want to die,even if i came sooo close and shoot him with a sniper rifle 2 times in the head.


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Open Arma3.
Choose the editor.
Choose a map.
Place your character.
Place an enemie truck or usual civilian car.
Try it out.

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Clas? Gass? What the hell is this ticket about? Could you provide a video demonstration?

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I think he wanted to report an issue with broken glass of a car, which still protects the driver from bullets, after it has been destroyed.

ups,fuck,i meant glass and yeah R3vo that right,same with planes and helikopters :)

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