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Hey,would be nice to see fully functionally radios in the game,and radio wich you can carry arround too,this game could be way more realistic :).


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You have functional radios and there is a radio item (classname "ItemRadio") which you carry around in your inventory. Everyone (including civilians, excluding animals) is equipped with it by default.

@AD2001 wow,but i cant use it no matter what,there are 2 oppurtunitys,1st,im doo dump,2nd it just dont works,i kinda pretend to 1st but thats hwo you look on it,mabe you tell me how it works?,with carry arround i meant,like on the bag back such big ones :).

Default is [Caps Lock], AFAIK.

And do you seriously think those big one that you carry on the back are still going to be there in 20 years?

oh,okay,that dont works with me mm,well,i kinda think so yes,cause small is good,etc,but,seeing it from the logistic side it is a biiig change and very expansive,+you need to teach them how it works and so on :).

ps:thanks for telling me

well,anyway,i should go now,cya,or not,do whtever you do,take care

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Has already been requested.