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Hey,it would be really really awesome to see a good medic system,like that you can set injections or so,if you want you can contact me,id do t for you guys if you dont wanna do it? :),


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HEEEEEEY, it would be really-really awesome if you stop spamming Feedback Tracker with useless junk, most of which already reported/suggested!

@Semiconductor, NOOOOPE i cant,fuck off jerk-.-

NOOOOPE i cant

Don't worry pal, if you can't control your actions then local admins will eventually do it for you! :)

@Semiconductor,1st of all,im not your pal,2nd,you started provocating,3rd,what do you think who you are?,do not call me pal,you dont even know me,youre definitly sick.

  1. I'm not provoking you, just pointing (maybe in a little bit harsh manner) on the fact that most of your suggestions was already reported like hundred times and there is no need to create another ticket with zero new information. As for medical system - if you had bothered to at least check top voted tickets (not to mention searching for similar tickets), then you'd probably figured out that there is already proposal for realistic medical system with 700+ votes and dozens of comments with ideas and discussions.

1-3. Feedback Tracker is not really a right place for such type of dispute.

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Agreed with Semiconductor.

You wehre provokating, ''junk'' well,if that is so,than go and pointing somwehre else,

@ AD2001 yeah,whatever

Is it that hard to search for tickets?

Nope,not even a little,is it tht hard,to go out and care about your own life?

I don't understand. Are you trying to insult me or something?

well,anyway,i should go now,cya,or not,do whtever you do,take care

and i came back -.-,nope,not at all,does it seems like?

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Closing, since this has already been requested.