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Respawn Template is broken
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I have issues with the Respawn Modules in MP mode. The stringtable is displayed correctly and the respawn points are duplicated (I assume marker and object reference). {F22792} {F22793} {F22794} {F22795} {F22796} {F22797}


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  1. I placed 3 respawn modules in the editor and set them up like in this picture (except this module is the only one using a stringtable):
  1. I also added marker respawn_west to the mission
  1. I added the respawn template to the mission: respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition"};
  1. I respawned and saw the trouble like on the attached screenshot. Each module created two respawn points in the template and the @STR_GLT_respawn did not show up correctly though the ingame marker is getting the string correctly.

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I'm afraid I'm unable to reproduce the issue with duplicate respawn points. Could you please attach a simple repro mission?

As for the strings - I adjusted the script so writing the localization key directly (e.g., "STR_GLT_Coastline") will work. Should appear in the next dev build update.

I uploaded a sample mission and a new screenshot. I was able to reproduce it with 3 respawn modules and respawn_west marker. This example does not include the stringtable issue (I will test it again with different syntax again).

Please check the description.ext and init.sqf for the code I used.

Testing environment was not on the dedicated server though. I will do some tests on it tomorrow.

The issue is still present in 1.10 stable branch. I've uploaded an example mission and a new screenshot. The basics of the respawn template are working.

However expected result of the stringtable respawnpoint would be a proper localization and the game logic respawn point should have the name "Game Logic", as it is configured via setvariable.