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Computer locks up often from opening the map
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When opening the map in either the game or in the editor will often cause the game to hard freeze. A horizontal bar pattern will be visible on screen. A computer reset is required to get out of this state as ctrl+alt+del and alt+F4 are not responsive.

This issue was only found with my new AMD R9 280x (Asus DirectCU2 3GB) video card, the issue was not present with my old HD 4870 AMD chipset gfx card.

No logs are in Event Viewer or anywhere else. By the looks of it, the whole system hangs, including kernel, IO, networking. Sound loops the last-transmitted sample. {F22786}


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Game Crash
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It would seem to be an AMD hardware issue, but to reproduce just open your map until it crashes. The last time I did this it crashed on the 5th try.

Additional Information

Windows 7 64bit, latest patches
Intel 3570k
8GB ram
AMD R9 280x (Asus DirectCU2 3GB); single-screen on 1080p
no overclocking, no heat issues
TrackIR 5
DxDiag in attached .rar

Also reported here:

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I see .rpt files only. Do you have .bidmp and .mdmp files too? Could you please upload them too, if you have them? Thank you.

They are not in my "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Arma 3" folder. Do I need to create memory dumps using ProcDump to get them?

Do you have this issue on both islands? Do you have this issue in fist campaign mission?

I was having this issue too. My MoBo was OC'd on light and I didn't notice but once I did and set it to default it seeeeeeems to have stopped.

I have the issue on both islands, but oddly not in the campaign.

Jhonnie, is that the ASUS MoBo overclocking with the BIOS? I am not running any sort of overclocking, just curious.

I think the issue is from the drawing of unit markers on the map interface. The crashes did not occur in the campaign as I was playing it on veteran at the time. However when I switched to the editor, as soon as I double clicked to place a unit the game froze up once again.

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Xerxes, I have the same card and the same problem.
this issue and the linked below are the same, the images he shows are exactly what mine shows.

I believe these to be linked issues.

Incidental: I have run successfully, with no issues
Heaven, Valley, Prime 95, Furmark, Memtest86\86+, OCCT, 3dMark
All without issue, stable temps.
this is with my card @ factory stock settings
(ASUS r9280x-dc2t-3gd5-v2) which is hte directCU 2 Top variety.

I dissabled SSAO and tree as per your screenshot, and was able (for the first time) to actually PLAY the game!

(Btw its a great game when you can play it!)

I will have to give this a shot after work. Thank you!

*Xeres, I should have said "as per Delta's" screen shot in the link.
Had a great 3 hours session :)

I've now finally tested this suggested fix and it has resolved the issue. Thanks again!

Hmm, Issue seems to have returned but is now extremely infrequent.

Check that, seems to be happening once a night giver or take again :/

Do you have still this issue in version 1.10? Thank you for more info.

This issue still exists :(
I think this issue is related to the Grey screen of death issue found in ARMA 2 with ATI 5XXX generation cards.

Could you please upload crashdumps from actual version? Thank you.

Uploaded, let me know if the link is crap. This is from the last version prior to the ZEUS update.

I have been able to 'solve' the problem by downclocking to 900mhz for whatever reason, and I believe this is an ATI bug, however something in ARMA is calling on it regularly :)
Not sure if it is a 2d\3d interaction (viewing the map seems to be a reproducible cause)

Thanks in advance Astaroth
Sorry for the delay :O

The fact that this has still not been fixed is really beginning to piss me off.

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