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New commands "setDriverOverride", "driverOverride", "remoteControl", "setCommanderOverride"
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Description: If set to true, the player can steer his current vehicle, even when he is not driver.
If the player is in a commander position, the audible movement commands can still be heard, but it is the player that will be driving the vehicle.

Syntax: driverOverride
Return Value: Boolean - if true, then driver override is on.

Description:Check if driverOverride is on.

Syntax: setDriverOverride override
override: Boolean
Return Value: Nothing

Description: Activates commander override. Pass ObjNull to deactivate.

Syntax: unit setCommanderOverride [vehicle, weaponpath]
unit: Object -
vehicle: Object -
weaponpath: Number -
Return Value: Nothing


Applies player's movement keystrokes to the driver of a vehicle.
This allows the player to remotely control a manned vehicle, without having to issue orders, or to drive it himself. The command only works with drivers, but not with other crew members, empty vehicles, or infantry.
Only one unit can be controlled remotely. Further remoteControl commands, if the player is already controlling an AI, are ignored.
To see the driver's view, the camera can be switched to him via switchCamera. (Since the driver AI is still controlling his head movements, it may be hard to steer from that perspective, though).

Syntax: master remoteControl slave
master: Object - Controlling unit (set to objNull to cancel the remote control)
slave: Object - Controlled unit (vehicle driver)
Return Value: Nothing


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Bohemia added a subscriber: AD2001.Nov 17 2013, 4:22 AM

I believe there is a logical reason behind VBS having these commands and not just the one.

The other commands compliment the "remoteControl" and make it more useful in scripting.
But doesn't Arma already have a "remoteControl" command?

Esper added a subscriber: Esper.Mar 23 2017, 11:33 PM

I believe this would be a great addition. Would give more option to players especially for SP and small group in MP.