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Need a "getObjectTexture" and "getObjectMaterial" scripting command
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It would be nice to have a "getObjectTexture" and a "getObjectMaterial" scripting command. These would be useful so that we have a way to check/ see what texture an object is using.

getObjectTexture or getObjTexture could be used.


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This is basically the VBS command "getObjTexture:

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Yeah, I just ran into the problem of no getObjectTexture command yesterday. If you're only looking for the object's original texture, you can read it from the config file, but that's a limited workaround. We really shoud have a proper getObjectTexture command.

A little off-topic, but there are actually a number of comamnds that let us set engine parameters that we have no way of reading in the first place. Seems like very strange and ad-hoc practice to have a "setThisVariable" command without its sibling "getThisVariable" included.

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