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New scripting command: "setObjectModel"
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I would like for a new command called "setObjectModel". This command would be used for things like setting the interior model or exterior model with a script. The command would work the same as setObjectTexture but it would only have a global variant.

player setObjectModel [1, "\MyAddon\Interior.p3d"]

The "0" value would be used for the exterior model while a "1" value would be used for the interior model. The other "2-10" values would be used for additional parts like hidden selections.
For objects like a flag pole, you could change the flag type and/or the pole type if the appropriate p3d model exists. By using a value of "2" or "3" on the AH-9, you could add the FLIR camera model onto the vehicle.


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Example of how it can be applied currently:

this setObjectModel [1, "A3\Addons\air_f_beta\Heli_Transport_02\Interior_luxurious_F.p3d"];

This would give the CH-49 Mohawk a VIP interior when you add the above line of code to the vehicles init.

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All my vote up. Will be amazing if it could accept models from the mission.

If it works like setObjectTexture and setObjectMaterial, then there is nothing that would prevent it from using custom models.