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Subscribed Steam Workshop missions should download to missions folder, be deletable from the game directly
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I love the Steam workshop, but it has one very irritating feature. I can't access the scenarios when offline! This is nonsense, as the game has to download the files from somewhere. Why not store them in the mission folder as usual?

Furthermore, we should be able to delete the missions with a button on the Scenarios menu, without having to open the Workshop.

The main thing is that Steam is awful as a web browser and opens very slowly. If connection is slow, it often doesn't open at all. So we need better offline capability.


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I am closing this as this is actualy a feature suggest and with not one, but three features. I hope the following explanation will clear things out:

  1. Folder:

Missions need to be downloaded into Steam folder because their linking with workshop would otherwise disappear (Steam functionality requirements). They are then internally (using our own handler) saved into cache so you can revert to older saves when the mission got updated and so.

  1. Offline mode:

Currently, the offline play for workshops mission is supported. Be aware that the mission is now only downloaded when you first start playing it (not when you subscribe). This might get iterated upon, as we feel it's not being intuitive enough.

  1. Unsubscribe/deletion:

Unsubscribe feature in the menu is currently under consideration. It makes sense, but we are looking into technical and UI feasibility. (So no promises :)