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Bullets can go through body‘s os pelvicum without any hit
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the os pelvicum, means the bullets can go through the part which is above your "brother" and below your waist. and you won't get any hurt.
It should be some config issue.
Just look at my pic. At first I confirm the MG bullets is lower than the zeroing point. But as you can see, behind the man there is spatter dirt at the same time you cant see the shot hole. This is because the man has blanked the hole.
Every weapon and every bullets can test this and it always has the issue. I use HMG for example because it is stable and I won't shoot his waist. {F22762}


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1.aim at the place as I say. to see if he gets hit.

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Funny you should post this. I was able to shoot a man in the groin last night with no result. I was using the bullet-tracing script too.

I think the devs should carry out a comprehensive review to ensure that there are no gamebreaking hit detection bugs. I've heard multiple reports of bullets passing through people, but of course no one can prove it.

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When I was doing this - - there was several times when i couldn't shoot a guy in the forearm, bullets just passed through without any damage.

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Yes, I noticed some oddness last night with this while testing a couple things.

Something odd is happening with the Spine3 and Spine1 definitions, it seems like Spine2 needs to be there in some level on the FIRE LOD to make it cover everything. Also the left shoulder sometimes lacks hit detection, I think depending on the angle of the arm. Seems like the FIRE LOD gets some significant gaps in some animations.