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Civilian handgun & other civilian weapons
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There currently exist no dedicated 'civilian' weapons in the game, unless you count the tan versions of the MK20.

I don't know if there are any civilian content additions forthcoming, but I think certain scenarios would benefit greatly from having at least one civilian handgun and hunting rifle or shotgun.

If there are no plans to include such weapons, I think at the VERY least a civilian variant of the Zubr revolver could be included. I believe the current version depicted in-game is the 6" barrel, so perhaps the 4" model or even the 2" snub-nose model could be added?

Maybe even in a chrome finish?


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Personally I wouldn't mind a simple port of the CZ-550 and original revolver. Man, having civilian weapons really broadens the scope of possible scenarios

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I'd like to see more civilian weapons to improve guerrilla gameplay.