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! isNull will always fail
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using the operator '!' in conjunction with isNull always exits the script. However, using isNull without the operator '!' works perfectly fine.


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use the operator '!' with the command 'isNull'.

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Have you got a script example?

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I was doing if (! isNull _item) where item was an object. I tested to be sure it was not null but my script never executed after that line. using a hit isNull _item displayed false, but the script didn't execute past the if statement, by changeing it to:

_value = isNull _item;
if (!_value)

it worked that way.

if (!isNull objNull) then {hint "not null"} else {hint "null"}

hint shows "null" as it should

Please provide a full example of your script where we can actually see what <i>_item</i> is.

Unable to reproduce, no reaction on feedback request for a long time. Closing as no bug.