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make high-command always available
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When I play SP,even MP with AIs,I can't split team and control them efficiently.
assigning teams as color is visual only,and it's complex to see,
armored vehicle,3 crewmen in one vehicle to control efficiently,then? your AI interface,icon get dirty to see,complex,even there are at least two pages.
even M2A2 can carry people.
need new AI list interface or control,or new system similar high-command interface,you guys force us playing coop with human


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High Command was only ever meant to command multiple squads, while you usually only control your own squad, so always enabling High Command view would make no sense, sorry.

That said assigning team colors isn't purely visual, you can quick-select those with Shift-Fx key (F1 being red and up to F4 being the last color, if I remember correctly). Then you also can go to the map and use clicks to send the colored teams to places.