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New Icons in Steam Scenarios List Indicating - Updated since Last Played; Played But Not Completed
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Scenario list of Steam Missions should include New Icons to let players know which missions have been updated since the last time (if ever) played.

It would also be nice to indicate which missions were started, but never completed, or failed for that matter. (complement to the updated icon - the times i've encountered errors during missions, and would love a quick way to see that i've tried the mission, and when its updated so i can jump back in and try again)

Currently only completed missions are marked in any fashion.


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May i suggest one little addition. A lot of mission authors seem to forget to add a completion marker in their mission designs. Even if one successfully finishes a mission, the arma 3 scenario list displays them without the green completention marker/tick.

With a lot of missions sucscribed on the steam workshop, it gets increasingly hard to keep track of what i already played and finished.

Could you please add the option to mark missions as played and finished by hand in the scenario list so we don't have to rely solely on mission authors to add the required scripts/functionality?