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Not possible to replay after going out on patrol
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After going out of bounds on a patrol, it's not possible to continue the last Maxwell "mission" by clicking Replay.

Clicking replay will load the Maxwell mission, but trying load any of the missions in the Strategic Map will result in the Main Menu being loaded.

To continue the campaing missions after a patrol, you have to Revert the previous Maxwell "mission".


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No Bug
Campaign Episode 1: Survive
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go out on patrol from camp maxwell.
  2. Go out of bounds (i.e. get killed)
  3. Replay the last maxwell mission.
  4. Open strategic map and select any mission.

Mission will not load, you will end up in the main menu.

Mission should load and play as normal.

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The default behavior of "Replay" in campaign is to start the mission and return back to the mission selection menu when the mission is finished.

If you want to play again a mission and then continue the campaign from that mission further, you should use "Revert".

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Closing. Not a bug.