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Aircraft / Helicopter speed reference
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A/C and helicopter have and indicated speed at the top of the screen.

PROBLEM : This speed is a GROUND SPEED ( GS ). If you use script of wind effects with aircraft you will be able to stall with FULL THROTTLE. Only because the reference is GS !

PROBLEM N°2 : The contrary to the stall, at high speed (back wind) helicopter have a very low control (it is GS not Indicated speed so the control should stay the same)

PROBLEM N°3 : As Problem n°2 when you turn in direction of the wind you have have some difficulty to turn. Same origin of problem like n°2.

SOLUTION : You should use INDICATED SPEED AS REFERENCE ! IT is not normal to stall with full throttle (+ afterburner) with front wind.

EDIT : This kind of script allow people to turn ON wind effect to paratroopers and to paradroping box.

Updated, because there is several issues due to the wrong reference.

stall / can't move with air mass / wrong turn / wrong power / wrong control with wind / Wond landing / wrong hover possibility with helicopter


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Source of the script :

Script used : (some features are not used in order to allow aircraft to fly)

while {true} do
waitUntil{vehicle player isKindOf "Air" && (driver vehicle player == player)};
_unit = vehicle player;
enableCamShake true;
to change the wind:
10-20 seems to work good, lower _windstrength number to make wind stronger, warning if the wind is to strong you might have trouble flying in certain circumstances.
_windstrength = 30;

while{driver _unit == player && (!(isTouchingGround (_unit))) && ((getPosATL(_unit) select 2) > 1) }do

		_starttime = time;

/*----------------------WIND--------------------- */

		_unitvelocity = velocity _unit;
		_unitxv = _unitvelocity select 0;
		_unityv = _unitvelocity select 1;
		_unitzv = _unitvelocity select 2;
		_wind_unitvelocity = wind;
		_windxv = _wind_unitvelocity select 0;
		_windyv = _wind_unitvelocity select 1;
		_windzv = _wind_unitvelocity select 2;
		_unit setVelocity [(_unitXV + (_windXV/_windstrength)),(_unitYV + (_windYV/_windstrength)),(_unitZV + (_windZV/_windstrength))];

/*----------------------SETTLING WITH POWER / VOTEX RING EFFECT---------------------*/

		if(isEngineOn _unit)then
			_unitvelocity = velocity _unit;
			_unitxv = _unitvelocity select 0;
			_unityv = _unitvelocity select 1;
			_unitzv = _unitvelocity select 2;
			_unitxyv = (sqrt((_unitxv ^ 2)+(_unityv ^ 2)));
			_unitxyzv = (sqrt((_unitxv ^ 2)+(_unityv ^ 2)+(_unitzv ^ 2)));
			if(_unitxyzv != 0)then

				/*------ _unitAoD = (acos( _unitxyv / _unitxyzv));
				if((_unitzv <= -7.5) && (_unitAoD >= 31) && (_unitAoD <= 90))then
					addCamShake [5, 0.5, 4];
					_unit setVelocity [(_unitxv),(_unityv),(_unitzv + (_unitzv/30) - 1.5)];
				}; ---*/

/*----------------------UP/DOWN DRAFTS NEAR STEEP SLOPES--------------------- */

		 _height1 = getTerrainHeightASL (position _unit);
		sleep 0.1;
		_height2 = getTerrainHeightASL (position _unit);
		if((_height2 >= (_height1 + 1.2)) || (_height2 <= (_height1 - 1.2)))then
			_unitvelocity = velocity _unit;
			_unitxv = _unitvelocity select 0;
			_unityv = _unitvelocity select 1;
			_unitzv = _unitvelocity select 2;
			_unit setVelocity [(_unitxv),(_unityv),(_unitzv + ((floor(random 3)) - 1))];

/*----------------------AUTOROTATION--------------------- */

		if(!isEngineOn _unit)then
			_unitvelocity = velocity _unit;
			_unitxv = _unitvelocity select 0;
			_unityv = _unitvelocity select 1;
			_unitzv = _unitvelocity select 2;
			_vectorup = vectorUp _unit;
			_unitxu = _vectorup select 0;
			_unityu = _vectorup select 1;
			_unitzu = _vectorup select 2;
			_velvec = (sqrt ( _unitxv ^ 2 + _unityv ^ 2 + _unitzv ^ 2 ));
			_div1 = ((_velvec)+sqrt(_unitxu^2+_unityu^2+_unitzu^2));
			_unitvelocityduxy = ((_unitxv*_unitxu + _unityv*_unityu + _unitzv*_unitzu)/_div1);
			_unitvelocityduz = (sin(acos _unitvelocityduxy));
			_deltatime = (time - _starttime);
			_zconv = (0.5 * _deltatime);
			_xyconv = (0.02 * _deltatime);
			_convvvar = (((-_unitvelocityduxy)*_zconv + (abs _unitvelocityduz)*_xyconv)*_velvec);
			_autowind = ((((_windxv/_windstrength) * _unitxu) + ((_windyv/_windstrength) * _unityu))*0.75);
			_unitxyzv = ([(_unitxv + _unitxu*_convvvar),(_unityv + _unityu*_convvvar),((_unitzv + _unitzu*_convvvar) + _autowind)]);
			_unit setVelocity _unitxyzv;


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Is this still an issue?

izaiak added a subscriber: izaiak.May 7 2016, 5:22 PM

Yes, because :

For team in mission "air" part of the game is also important. Having wind effect increase the realism and difficulty to make some way of attack with bad weather.

So if the wind is strong and if you have a light aircraft, you will Stall (compare to just advance with a low ground speed).

So it limit your way to fly in the game.

It is like the NO AMSL INDICATOR in the game.

Both things give a lower interest to the "air" part of the game because scriptwriter want to improve the game and when you use it, it doesn't increase the game but it give you penalty.

In the script you can see also vortex effect.

The air way of the game can be 10 time better with few improvement.

1)Using Indicated Air Speed AS THE REFERENCE ( why not having both information ? GS and IAS ).

>will give to use wind effect on air object with no penalty.

2)Using AMSL (like arma 2 , we had AMSL + AGL ).

  1. Cloud ceiling could change.
  1. More Fog in clouds ( vertical and horizontal plan ) to give a stronger effect of flying in clouds.
  1. Maybe the flying model for aircraft could be increase if both wing had their own lift.

I think some part are not very "hard" to increase compare to some other report. And the gain would be amazing for few cost.

edit of the original topic because it is not just affecting Aircraft.

If you use script of wind effects with aircraft you will be able to stall with FULL THROTTLE. Only because the reference is GS !

It looks like your script is wrong, then. Whatever the type of HUD indication is, if you're flying, you're flying. I can't see how HUD indication can affect airworthiness of an aircraft.

The script is not mine and everything i understand in the script is fine.

This is why i have reported this information.

HUD information are the reference so at 0 km/h with the aircraft or below the stall speed you will stall ...

Compare to the reality when GS is just the GS, IAS is the only important speed to continue to fly.

Goose added a subscriber: Goose.May 7 2016, 5:22 PM
Goose added a comment.Nov 20 2013, 6:51 PM

"The IAS is an important value for the pilot because it is the indicated speeds which are specified in the aircraft pilot's manual for such important performance values as the stall speed. These speeds, in true airspeed terms, vary considerably depending upon density altitude."

Ok IAS and TAS are different but linked.

How many people here know TAS ? We are not a lot ...

I think if IAS is used it will be a hudge improvement for most of common people.

Of course if effect of altitude is implemented it is cool. But there is a lot of thing to do before (by using simple and basic things)